Colour Cats

My wife and I are making a webcomic together, about animals with magic. It’s in a world where the conflict between cats and dogs has been going on forever, with the devilish foxes thrown in the middle. As we’ve been coming up with ideas, I’ve pushed really hard for us to have a unique magic system. Something that’s never been done before. I think, finally, we’ve got it: flower powder power. In the world of this comic, the colour within flowers will be what creates the magic. The cats, dogs and foxes will turn flowers into powder and put them over their paws, and each colour will give a different type of magic. If you use powder made from a blue ginger you might get ice powers. If you used an iris, maybe you would have the power of lightning.

It’s definitely unique, but we are worried about people saying “flower power” all the time and making it really lame. That’s why we’re running with the tag “flower powder power”, to take everyone’s mind off it. It may be a comic about animals with magic, but we want to be taken seriously. We’ve got a real message to spread. I’m not sure what it is yet, but we’ll think of something. Maybe it’s about the pointlessness of war, the failings of the modern capitalist system or just that animals are great. Whatever our message is, you know it will be worth listening to. So grab some irises, popcorn and read along. Although, I suppose you’ll have to wait until we actually have some content available.

We still have a lot of questions. For example, what is strictly considered a flower? Is a bay tree a flower? What happens if a colour is a mix of two other colours, such as when you could argue it’s either yellow or orange? I’m sure there are a lot of flowers that could fit into either category. And then there’s all the other world building to do. Are there humans in this world? Do they know about magic? Why haven’t they seen the potential of this yet? Stay tuned for more updates!