Interior Design Puzzles

I am a self proclaimed gamer girl. I love all types of games, whether they be action games, strategy games, puzzle games or sports games. My absolute favourite games of all time, however, are puzzle games. I just find fitting puzzle pieces into impossible places so satisfying. That feeling I get when I complete a puzzle and it disappears to commence the next level is unexplainable.

If I’d have to make an assumption about myself outside of the gaming world, I would guess that the reason I love design and renovations is because of my love of puzzles. If you think about it, there are some glaringly obvious similarities between the two. The role of a bathroom renovator is to fit the bath, shower, toilet and counter all in a predefined space and make sure that the fixtures sit harmoniously for the best functionality. The entire exercise is one big puzzle.

This is why I am studying part-time to become an interior designer for my next career. My only regret is that I didn’t connect the dots when I was in high school and apply to design school as a fresh faced nineteen-year-old. That’s okay though, hopefully my life experience and years of puzzle games are an advantage for me in the field.

When I was studying the other week, I came across the most incredible kitchen design. Melbourne is a fantastic place to study interior design because we have so many resources here. The design seriously broke open a whole new creative area in my brain, and I am so excited to create new designs for submission as soon as possible. My inner gamer girl will go to new lengths of creativity and expertise with a kitchen that is so well designed that I’m sure they’ll ask me to graduate early. 

I am so excited about becoming an interior designer. I can’t wait to solve puzzles for a living and transform people’s homes.