Prime Productivity

Lately, we’ve been playing G&G (Grottos and Goblins) in the office. It would get us in a lot of trouble, if the boss wasn’t the Grotto Master. Productivity has never been lower, but we’re all having fun, which is the important thing. The problem is that we play right near the main window, in the break room. If anybody from the public comes around and sees that the Premier and his entire staff are dressed up as wizards and rogues, rolling dice like the fate of the state depends on it, they won’t be too happy. I’ve suggested we get window tinting, but Premier Norris doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Still, I worry that we’re going to get caught. What if a reporter sees what we’re doing, and suddenly it’s all over the news? “Premier Norris caught spending taxpayers’ money on metal dice sets and miniatures.” I can see it now. That would be a disaster for our reelection campaign. Premier Norris isn’t bothered by it at all. He’s so invested in the story. I caught him planning our next session instead of reading the new bills that are going to be passed today.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to order office window tinting from Melbourne, no matter how much we need it. And honestly, I’m a little embarrassed. I love playing G&G with everyone, but ever since we started dressing up it’s gotten a bit much. Especially since I play a barbarian who doesn’t wear anything other than a loincloth. I didn’t sign up for this. I thought working for the government would be dry and boring. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to fight dragons and raid ancient tombs, even if it is in a game.

Oh no, Premier Norris has just called for another session. I’ve got some really important documents to read through, but these games are mandatory. Now, instead of ensuring the public schools get enough funding, I have to change into my loincloth and battle some orcs. We really do need to get those windows tinted before someone sees me.