The Monster Kid

It all started when this weird device did what it did. It stuck itself around my neck, and now I’m no ordinary kid. I’ve got these superpowers and I guess that’s kind of cool. I’m Stein-Hundred Nine-Hundred.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been fighting monsters that have secretly been living on earth for thousands of years. My necklace has the power to turn me into some of these monsters (nine hundred, to be exact), which is how I fight them. Sometimes I get help from my nerdy niece, even though we’re pretty much the same age. And my grandpa also helps out. He knows a surprising amount about fighting monsters for an auto electrician from Forster

Just yesterday I was fighting one of the creatures. It’s a big ball of what looks like soft fur, but it is actually hiding razor-sharp blades. It can spin around and change directions instantly, no matter its current momentum. Thankfully, I know its weakness. These monsters are suckers for chocolate cake. I know, because when I turn into it, I suddenly get a craving for it. So with that knowledge, I was easily able to have the monster captured.

“Stein,” my grandpa said as he worked on the caravan electrics, once the fight was over, “those powers of yours are pretty awesome, but have you ever considered doing more with them? What’s that creature, Invisibo? With him, you could make us millions of dollars. We wouldn’t need to drive around in this old RV selling paintings your niece did with her fingers.”

Grandpa’s always coming up with get-rich-quick schemes. That was the fifth he’d suggested to me that day. I don’t mind selling finger paintings, though. Tomorrow it might be mouldy bread or a device to cut your hair for you, but I’m having fun. Grandpa keeps bringing up how I could win the lottery with Futurion, the monster that can see the future, but I’ve got no interest in mansions and fountains made of gold. Travelling is just too much fun.