Field of Heavenward Flowers (2019)

Inspired by dandelion seed heads scattering in the wind, Field of Heavenward Flowers is Oxford Circus’ first major production. Showcasing extreme aerial acrobatics seamlessly integrated with the company’s signature augmented reality effects, this dazzling spectacle unites power, strength and precision with warm humour and humanity.

Artistic Direction

Laurenzio Patricks


Marissa-Jane Caron

AR Effects

Matilde Henriks, Kevin Bosco and Emile Charpentier


Vincent Della and Marguerite Comtois


Baxter Jacobs, Veronica Beaulieu and Page Segal

This work was developed under a grant from the Prix du Cirque des Rêves, managed through the European New Arts Foundation. It was toured across Europe and the UK throughout 2019. The tour focused on smaller towns and villages in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.