Best Local Mechanic

Living in Ringwood has a lot of perks – but none are better than the awesome mechanic we have in our very own backyard. People drive hours to get a car service from our local mechanic and I’m lucky enough to be able to walk there if I want to. Seriously, if you ask anyone in Melbourne who the best mechanic is in the metropolitan area, everyone will say Ringwood Automotive Services. This mechanic is the reason I never moved, even though I had the option to move closer to the city and the beach. Leaving Ringwood would just be dumb when property prices are going up every day because of how good the local mechanic is. I wouldn’t sell my house even for a million dollars. 

Part of the reason this mechanic is so good is that he really takes the time to look after your car. And by looking after, I mean really look after. He’ll spend one on one time with your car and not let anyone else’s car even be in the workshop. The fact that it’s so exclusive has people from all over the state booking appointments, which is a testament to him and Ringwood in general. I am so proud that the best mechanic in metro Melbourne is a mechanic close to Ringwood. I’m lucky to live near such a highly-regarded and esteemed mechanic. 

I look forward to the next thirty years of our local mechanic’s sustained success. He’s currently in his forties, but he’s promised he’ll work well into his seventies to keep the people of Melbourne happy. That makes me happier than I’ll ever be able to tell anyone. Knowing that he’ll always be there to look after my car is a blessing that I’ll never take for granted. I am going to book my car in for its next three services now because you’ve got to get in early. He’s already booked out for the rest of the year.