Building Competition Winner

Welcome back to our blog, where we will now reveal the final results of the best competition to ever hit the Australian internet: My Building Rules. Who has won, in our first season? Let’s find out! Will it be George, the famous builder from the Mornington Peninsula? Will it be Wesley, or will it be Jack? I’m your host Frank Burgers, and with me is Thomas Fries. Who do you think the judges have voted for, Tom?

Well, it was a brilliant idea for Jack Lancaster to build his house out of straw, given how easy the material is to work with. Personally, I would have voted for him. What do you think, Frank?

I would agree with you, Tom, but unfortunately, I’ve heard a rumour that a certain big bad wolf actually came around and blew down the house of straw. Although Wesley made the rookie mistake of building a house out of bricks, given the small-time limit, I think he’s going to steal this one. Mind you, residential home developers everywhere would be appalled by the state of this brick house.

It’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen, Frank. Of course, George Darling should have won this competition easily, but his house made out of sticks had a bit of a disaster when George decided to practice lighting a birthday cake inside it. George may own one of the best construction companies around the Mornington Peninsula, but he doesn’t realise that sticks and fire equals a bad time. I think the victory is going to go to the inexperienced Wesley, despite his terrible brick house.

How about we open up the envelope and find out, Tom? Let’s see here. Who is the winner of today’s contest?

I can’t believe it. The winner is the local colony of ants, who the judges were so impressed with that they had to choose them. Their house fits thousands of living creatures inside it and takes up only a tiny amount of space. A clear winner if there ever was one!

Congratulations to the ant colony. A well deserved victory, out of nowhere. We hope you enjoyed this competition, and we’ll see you next time!

We are Frank and Tom, signing off.