Building Custom Kitchens

Rebecca found great joy in being a rat most of the time, but whenever she interacted with Remy, she wished she were human, just so she could avoid understanding his nonsensical chatter. Remy seemed to talk endlessly about trivial matters, and she suspected it was solely because he enjoyed the sound of his own voice. His popularity among the other rats puzzled her, and she couldn’t help but wonder if it was merely because of his wealth.

Today, Remy’s latest idea, which Rebecca was forced to endure, involved his newfound interest in becoming one of the best bathroom designers Melbourne had to offer. Although he had designed a few bathrooms in the past, Rebecca found his work to be outlandish. His focus on opulence and extravagance, driven by his pursuit of money, often resulted in bathrooms adorned with solid gold and ornate mirrors, but lacking in functionality. As a rat, Rebecca knew the importance of a functional bathroom, especially when navigating the dirty sewers all day.

Remy persistently tried to persuade Rebecca to allow him to redesign her bathroom, but she was perfectly content with her own. She had crafted her dream bathroom beneath the city almost a decade ago, designed with her favourite colours, pink and purple, and perfectly suited to her needs. It even boasted a vanity mirror where she could apply her makeup. Knowing Remy’s penchant for extravagant makeovers, she feared he would ruin her sanctuary in an attempt to make it look more luxurious. Instead, she suggested he consider venturing into the custom kitchens business, but he remained unwavering in his bathroom-design aspirations.

Surprisingly, Remy had already begun to intrude upon other rats’ homes, redesigning their bathrooms without permission. He executed these stealthy renovations when the occupants were away or asleep, leaving them to discover the changes upon returning. Aware of Remy’s determination, Rebecca understood that she could eventually convince him otherwise if she kept engaging with him in conversation.