Christmas Decorations

It’s the festive season and I want to celebrate! Every year I like to decorate my house in some sort of unique way. I love Christmas decorations, obviously, but I like to go that one step further and decorate my house even more. Every year I choose a different way to decorate my house. Last year, I covered all my furniture in decorative fabric. This year, I’m going to install flower wallpaper in every room of my house. Every room will have a feature wall and it is going to be the much-needed wow-factor my house needs this festive season!

You know how people drive by people’s houses looking at Christmas decorations in the weeks leading up to Christmas? That’s what people do with my house, but I invite them inside because that’s where all the magic happens. Everyone knows that my house is the place to go if you want to see something extraordinary, and spoiler alert: people love seeing things that are out of the ordinary!

The kind of decorating that I do is what people wish they could do, but they’re not ballsy enough to do so. I feel bad for them. They should at least give themselves what they want at Christmas time. Like, why not install decorative ocean wallpaper? Melbourne is right near the beach so it makes sense to bring the beach to us! But people are too stuck in their cookie-cutter designer ways. As much as they’d like to decorate their houses in a way that actually makes them happy, they can’t bring themselves to do it. That’s why they spend every day during the festive season checking out my designs. They’re living through me!

As much as I pity these people, I’m glad that I can make them happy by opening up my house to them. I want them to enjoy their Christmas break and if I can help them do that by showing them what their houses could look like if they were game enough, then I’m glad to.