My Solo Project

Hey all, it’s Robbie R here, back with a blog post for what seems like the first time in ages. I know it feels like forever since Concept Artists released new music which is odd for our fans. Usually, we pump out music like a writer who can write 100,000 words in one month. But we’ve needed some time to reset creatively. Unfortunately, the other band members aren’t quite ready to come off hiatus. That doesn’t mean we don’t have good news, though. In fact, I have something really exciting to announce today.

I’m releasing a solo project. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, covering a topic that I personally am passionate about. The idea didn’t really capture the others. I think it’s because we previously wrote an album about conveyancing, which is kind of similar since this project involves songs about bathroom designers around Melbourne. It’s another house-related album, so I understand their argument.

‘Dude, Where’s My Bathroom?’ is inspired by a true story of love, heartbreak and betrayal. You will literally be weeping by the second song, and that’s a guarantee from me. How could you not want to rip your own heart out of your chest to stop the swelling pain there as you listen to the dark ballad of a man who trusted his best friend with his bathroom, only to find that it had been redesigned while he was on holiday? A true tragedy.

It gets worse, as Darren, the antagonist, leaves the bathroom renovation cost for Robert to cover. For a bathroom renovation he didn’t even want! From there, the story follows Robert as he tries to track down Darren and make him pay for the bathroom redesign. In Sea of Fire and Ice, Robert must cross the ocean to find his ex-best friend. There they have an epic battle in One for the Ages, which results in the demise of Darren.

That’s when Robert learns he was in Darren’s will, receiving all of his wealth, which he uses to restore his bathroom to its former glory.

You’re going to love it, but maybe don’t read this blog post if you want to avoid spoilers.