Star Questions

Welcome back to another blog post where I answer questions about my fabulous career as an actor. I’m Zach Jordan. You might remember me from such films as I Don’t Like Sand and You Shall Not Pass. I have quite enjoyed this series so far, despite my initial apprehension. So, let’s just jump into the first question.

Felicity asks: When you were filming I’ve Got a Jar of Dirt, in Western Australia, there were a lot of car stunts, right? Where did you get your car repaired? I’m asking for a friend in Midvale.

Your friend is very lucky to live in Midvale because I know the perfect mechanic there. He does great car service near Midvale and is definitely worth visiting. We had all sorts of issues while making that film. Why at one point the tyres exploded and we had to get a completely new set. Then there were engine issues, electrical issues, exhaust issues. You name it, and there was a problem with that car. But that’s what happens when you make an apocalypse movie and have to use an old vehicle!

Thomas asks: Hi Zachie J, will you DJ at my friend’s birthday party?


Sarah asks: When you were filming in Australia was it hard to deal with the heat? How often did you need a car aircon regas?

Well, as I said before, pretty much any car issue you can name, we had while making that movie. We had to get regular servicing and yes, a regular regas. Say, I’m starting to notice a pattern of oddly specific questions in these blog posts. Can we get some variety, please?

Bailey asks: Can you enlighten us on the experience of filming in the Australian desert? What was it like working with such an old car? Did it need repairs very often?

And we’re done here. My producer really needs to filter these comments better, because we’re not actually getting any quality questions through. Anyway, keep an eye out for my next film, What An Idiot.