Brake Pad Replacement

I am so deathly afraid of birds… it’s not even funny how afraid I am. I was driving home from work the other day and a flock of birds started flying behind my car. I don’t know whether they were migrating or just sensed my pure fear, but they were genuinely following my car for about two hundred metres. It seemed too weird to be a coincidence. 

Out of fear, I decided that I needed to get the look of my car changed to try and prevent anything like this from happening again. Birds have long memories you see. If they can recognise faces then I’m sure they can recognise cars, and I don’t want them to remember what happened with my car and have it happen again. 

I took my car to the mechanic and got it painted a fresh new colour. Whilst I was there, I also asked the mechanic to do a brake pad replacement. In the Lockleys area, it isn’t uncommon for brakes to deteriorate faster than they should because of all the stopping and starting that has to be done. That’s why when I got a fresh coat of paint I also took the opportunity to get my brakes replaced. I mean, it would be silly not to.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes with the whole birds chasing me situation. Hopefully, now that my car is bright blue instead of a deep red I’ll be able to avoid that terrifying bird situation from the other day. If it happens again I’ll probably cry, and go straight back to the mechanic and get my car painted a different colour. While I’m there I’ll probably get a car electrical service. Lockleys, like I said, has pretty harsh conditions that make it hard on cars. I may as well make getting my car painted a good thing, rather than a bad thing. 

I’ll update you guys on how the paint job goes.