Internet Inequality

I’m so envious of my coworker who is allowed to work from home full time. I know for a fact she’s just outside tanning most of the time, which is so frustrating because that’s what I want to be doing. I’m just not allowed to because I work on really big projects which have large file sizes. Not only would my computer not be able to handle it, but my internet wouldn’t either. I tried to enhance my wifi signal at home with no luck and so my bosses made me come back into the office.

Even when half the population was working from home, I had to make the hour-long commute to the office each day. It used to be an hour thirty minutes when everyone used to be in the office, so at least I did get a little victory. Anyway, this isn’t about my little victories. It’s about how jealous I am that my coworker gets to do exactly what I want to be doing. Why are office dynamics so unfair? Shouldn’t my work invest in me and give me better quality equipment to be able to work from wherever I want to work? It’s pretty unfair, if I do say so myself. 

Like seriously, how hard would it be for my work to organise someone coming to my home and doing internet and phone line installation? In the Melbourne CBD, almost every man and his dog is a tech giant that could do that stuff with ease. There are only two reasons why my work hasn’t done that. Either they don’t value me as an employee or they’re cheap. That makes me not want to work for them for too much longer.

I don’t like inequality in the workplace and I don’t like that my coworker gets to spend her day tanning when I’m locked up inside like a prisoner. I think that’s fair enough? Who knows. I bet you if I brought it up with my bosses they would make me feel like a whiny baby.