Fastidious Breakfaster?

Breakfast: what’s your take on it? I’m genuinely interested, as the subject tends to be quite divisive. Some people are passionate fans of it, revelling in everything from the full cafe spread to paleo power bowls, while others disdain it beyond the obligatory black coffee. Still others are committed to their morning shot of apple cider vinegar with a handful of walnuts, and others extol the virtues of humble toast and marmalade.

There are all kinds of health claims to be made about having a regular eating plan around breakfast, and just as many around the value of intermittent fasting at that time of day. There’s ketogenic muesli on the market alongside cocoa puffs and sugar-coated toaster tarts. How does one even begin to navigate the complex sea of options laid out on today’s breakfast table?

Personally, I’m a fan of having some kind of smoothie, followed throughout the morning by various healthy snacks. For weight loss, this might not be the way to go, but then I’m not an accredited dietician. I’m just a guy who likes having a handful of tamari-roasted cashews at 10am, and a piece of Jarlsberg for elevenses. On the whole, it’s a low carb approach, and it’s essentially free from refined sugar and added salt (if you ignore the tamari, that is).

I’ve never really thought twice about making my mornings low carb. Meal delivery services are popularising the idea now, but I was doing it before it was a thing. The fact is that I didn’t even identify this as the case until it was pointed out to me by a nutritionist friend who wanted to know if I was off the carbs. I’m definitely not, and enjoy eating my share of bread and pasta in the afternoon and evening, much to my friend’s dismay – she’s staunchly of the belief that it should be the other way around.

What are your thoughts?