Freedom Health

Apparently, moon-jumpers aren’t standard in this dimension. That’s a little disappointing, but given their general level of technology and the fact that they haven’t been entirely embroiled in war to fuel innovation for the last few decades, I’m still fairly satisfied. 

No moon-jumpers, though? Those are boots, by the way, not wool garments that you wear as a second layer (possibly while going to the moon). I only wore them a few times because the best tech goes to the military, but I got a bootleg pair once, and it was glorious. Was kinda hoping that the level of Melbourne podiatry services would be advanced enough that they could fit everyone with boots that let you defy gravity, but alas. They do really nice custom orthotics, though.

There’s not too much in the way of podiatry where I come from, obviously. You get an illness, even if it’s entirely foot related, and you go to see the district physician; that’s your only option. They issue you some cheap painkillers (if you’re lucky) and that’s that. Medicine was pretty hard to come by, especially in District Toorak where I’m from, since we were the most poverty-stricken place in the floating fortress of Melbourne.

Here, however…you just go and get custom orthotics. I also got some compression socks, just because I thought they sounded amazing. Seriously, have you people heard of these things?? They stop your legs from getting all tired and achy by pushing the blood back to where it should be. I passed on the good word to those wizards who sit at the back of the Human Classes, and they came in the next way with compression socks pulled up to their knees. I guess when you get to be 800 years old, you appreciate anything that gets the blood flowing.

Almost makes me wish I needed orthotics. Cheltenham was a nice place to visit, and the novelty of there being medical people just for feet still hasn’t worn off.

It’s a great idea in general, podiatry. Better than state-appointed doctors who couldn’t find a vein if you paid them in morphine tablets.