Glass Hotel

I have very vivid dreams, and last night’s dream was one of my all time favourites.

In my dream, I opened a hotel made entirely of glass. It was beautiful. It was by the beach in a coastal Victorian town, with beach views on one side and hillside views on the other. The whole hotel was essentially an observation deck for the beauty of the Australian landscape. People came from all over the world to spend a night in the hotel. No one could book for more than a night, because of the incredibly high demand for a night with a total 360 degree view. It became the eighth wonder of the world, even more renowned than the Taj Mahal in India. 

The dream was wild, it felt like the whole thing went for my entire eight hours sleep. I watched myself plan the design of the hotel, I watched it get built, I stood on the top of the 50 storey building and enjoyed the views from the observation deck, I did it all. There were miraculously no obstacles in the design process, and it made complete sense that the floor, walls and roof of every room was made from glass. Somehow the residents had completely private rooms that no one could see in, but they could all see out.

The pool was also completely glass, so it felt like you were swimming on top of nothing. It was incredible. I so clearly remember the glass balustrade. Melbourne residents in my dream admired the staircase for hours, a grand staircase that extended all the way from the ground floor to the fiftieth. I know that it doesn’t sound like it would be enjoyable in the slightest, but in my dream, it was spectacular. 

Also in my dream, there was absolutely no need for any sort of glass repair. The hotel was indestructible, and was guaranteed to stand tall forever. I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed when I woke up and realised that this was a dream. It would be the crowning jewel of Australia. Hopefully one day it’s possible to design.