Mechanic Needed

I saw the most bizarre thing last night… I think. I looked out my window at about 3:00 am when I woke up to go to the bathroom and there was a man putting something on the windscreen of my car. I’m a woman who lives alone and so I wasn’t going to go out there and confront him, but I was definitely concerned about what I was going to find when I came outside in the morning.

Except when I came outside just a few minutes ago there was nothing on my car. I could have sworn that I saw someone put something on there. Am I going crazy? I definitely dreamt about it after I saw the man in the front of my car. I dreamt that my car needed general servicing which is bizarre because I haven’t had my car serviced in like five years. I don’t even think about getting it serviced – it runs just fine. But my dreams after I went back to sleep were filled with mechanics, tools and obscure car parts. It was weird.

I wonder if it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Was it my subconscious telling me after all these years that I need a car service? If so I should probably take it seriously, but that is a really creepy way for my mind to express itself. I hope I don’t start imagining random men each time my mind tells me that I need to do something. I mean, how hard is it for my mind just to have the random thought and tell me that I need to visit a mechanic near Morayfield instead of imagining a man standing next to my car and then having weird dreams about my car for the rest of the night?

I wish my brain could just be normal, but also I guess it’s good that a strange man wasn’t standing by my car at 3:00 am.