Tattoos Gone By

Hey everyone,

Thanks for staying by my side these last couple of years. Although I haven’t made any blog posts since I got my first tattoo memorialising my brother all those years ago, I have been checking in on this account every few months ever since. I swear every time that I logged in over the past few years I would have a message from one of you guys asking how I am and telling me you’re thinking of me. It really helped and made me feel like there are people out there that I can turn to if I ever need them. It’s the small stuff like that which goes a long way.

I thought I would post an update for you all now and let you know how my last few years have been. I’ll admit, I’ve had my ups and downs. It was really hard losing my brother and it has been really hard to move on from. I don’t know if I really ever will.

What has helped is knowing that I have my brother’s favourite saying tattooed on my body forever. I take it with me everywhere I go (obviously) and I feel like I’m living by that phrase now and that he’s guiding me throughout my life. I’m so grateful to the realism tattoo artist in the Brisbane CBD that I visited all those years ago. She gave me something that no one else will ever be able to give me, and I wish I hadn’t moved away so that I could go back and thank her for everything. She knew at the time how important it was that the tattoo was a perfect representation of my brother, but she didn’t know how important the tattoo would be in my recovery. I am eternally grateful for her work. 

If any of my readers are grieving, I recommend talking to a tribal tattooist or whichever style you like best and getting a memory of your loved one imprinted on your body. I can safely say that it really helps.