My New Career

Three months ago I finished my support work TAFE course and now I’m in Barcelona. I am on a six-month trip around Europe and I’m visiting almost every country on the continent. I haven’t forgotten about my passion for support work, if anything my trip around Europe has helped fuel my passion. It just showed me how much better healthcare is in Australia. I’ve seen so many people on the streets that could benefit from positive behaviour support which they’re unfortunately not getting for one reason or another. 

I wish I could take all these people back to Australia with me and give them the support they need. Unfortunately, that isn’t feasible in the slightest so I just have to hope that they will be able to get support sometime soon. I’m not sure if that will ever be the case though. Seeing this has inspired me to do the absolute best job I can do in Australia, because I know just how bad it can be for people who don’t get that support.

Despite finishing my TAFE course before I left for Europe, I don’t have a job lined up for when I get back home. I think that’s a good thing because I want to check out all the facilities offering positive behaviour support in Adelaide so that I can choose the best one to work at. I want to work at a facility that aligns with my values and gives me every opportunity to help those who need it. 

I’ve got three months left of my trip that I am going to make sure to make the most of. I want to come back to Australia feeling free and ready to make an impact on the world. They say before you can look after someone else you need to be able to look after yourself, which is what I’m going to do. I’m going to make sure that I relax and recharge before I start my career.