Necessary Roadworthy

I have a really bad track record with buying second hand cars. I’m not sure what it is. I don’t know if I’m just too trusting, too naive or if the people I’ve bought my cars off are just really good liars. But whatever it is, I’ve had enough. I’m about to buy my third second hand car because the first two failed me after a couple of months, and this time I’ve decided to get it assessed by a professional.

I will not be buying the car unless it comes with a roadworthy certificate. Frankston has a lot of second hand cars for sale, which should hopefully make this process easier. If someone refuses to provide me with a roadworthy certificate, then I will not buy their car. I’ve been too lenient about this before but I’ve learnt from my mistakes. 

Once the car owner has supplied me with a roadworthy certificate, I am going to have an auto mechanic in Frankston do a full assessment of the car. I’m not going to tell the car owner that I’m doing that in case they try to stop me, but I’m not buying a car without an overall picture of how it’s going to run and how long it will last. I’ve made this mistake too many times before and it’s cost me a lot of money. It’s worth spending a little extra on assessing the car if it means I save money in the long run.

I’ve just had a car assessed. It’s great! My mechanic said that there’s nothing wrong with the car and that he would buy it if he were in my position. I’m stoked. I’m really hoping that I’ll have this car for the next ten or so years. The next car I buy will be a brand new one, which is awesome, but I need time to save money until then. I won’t be able to buy a new car if I have to keep fixing an old one.