Bad Practise

I wouldn’t usually do this, but I think I need to share with the world my recent experience at the local dentist. I’m the last person who would want to give a negative review to a local business, because I know how greatly impacted they are by such reviews (having owned a small business myself), but people need to know the truth about this place. And the truth is that their dentists dress up as clowns, or perhaps they employ clowns who can pretend to be dentists. I truly cannot recommend this place in good faith. If you want a dentist you can trust, choose literally any other.

I know that this area has much better dentists. I once went to the best Cheltenham dentist, according to my brother-in-law, and there were no clown dentists there. I’m sure you can find a dentist that is less strange, regardless of what you need. There really is no need to go to this particular dentist, unless you like the idea of having clown dentists work on your teeth.

How did this even happen? All I wanted was to get an invisalign, which would have been the perfect method of teeth correction for me, but I’m not letting clowns do it. Surely the owner of this dental practice had a friend or a neighbour who could have advised them against making such a strange business. Maybe their friend was just too afraid to hurt their feelings. In my opinion, if that did really happen, the friend should have just told them the truth. Now lots of people are going to be afraid of dentists, believing that all dentists dress like clowns.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I think this review is more than fair. Unfortunately, I have to give this dentist one star out of five. If you need to visit the dentist, do yourself a favour and stay away from Laughing Dentists.