Precision Glass

My dream house is almost complete. It’s been a long process, but we’re almost ready to move in. Can you believe how far we’ve come in the last twelve months? It feels like just the other day that I was blogging about how we were looking for prime real estate on the hills. Then we found the perfect house for sale. Not perfect for living in, mind you. It was a real trashy house, but it was cheap given the land. So we knocked it down and got building our perfect home, with a great view of Melbourne.

All that’s left to do now is all the glass. We’ve been seeking the best glazier around Melbourne because we require precision and absolute perfection with our new home. I don’t want my kids to grow up here and wonder why the pool fencing isn’t quite right. That would be a genuine travesty. Imagine my embarrassment when our friends come over and ask why the skylight is darker than we told them it would be! The paparazzi will have a fun day if they notice that our glass balustrade isn’t exactly one metre and sixty-eight centimetres tall. No, no, no. It must all be exact.

My chosen glazier will be a master of their craft. They will be passionate about it, and a true artist. They will enjoy every moment working on my home, and they will swear not to talk about the project. It will be top secret, and they will respect that. I am willing to pay extremely well. Right now there are several glaziers outside, applying for the contract, but I don’t feel right about any of them. I’ll know my glazier when I see them. There will be an instant link between us. I just haven’t found it yet.

I thought I was close, once, but he turned out to actually be a window installer. He worked with glass, but he didn’t work with glass if you know what I mean. I hope you do, because when you know, you know. You know what I’m saying?