Servicing Company Cars

I’ve just purchased three second hand cars to use as the company cars for my business. Myself and my employees often have to drive to different clients for pitches and meetings, which we were originally doing in our own cars. As we are all from different financial backgrounds, some of the cars weren’t quite up to the standard that we like to present ourselves to our clients. That’s not anyone’s fault, but appearances are very important in this business and so it was clear that something needed to be done. Once the accountants found enough money in the budget, they gave me the go-ahead to source some second hand vehicles to be used as company cars.

The cars have just been shipped to Australia, and it is now my responsibility to get each car a roadworthy certificate. Northcote is near where the cars are being delivered, so I have booked in the service for two weeks time. That time frame gives the cars enough time to arrive in Australia and allows some buffer time in case something goes wrong. I’m sure once I take the car to get its certificate, there will be other work that needs to be done to ensure the safety of my employees. 

I don’t know much about cars, especially older cars, but I’m going to assume that Australia has more stringent roadworthy guidelines than some other places do. Now, this is just an assumption, of course I could be wrong and the cars could be in perfect working order, but I doubt it. I’m guessing that the cars will need some sort of transmission service to ensure their safety. Seeing as I purchased the cars pretty cheap, I’m willing to spend a decent amount of money maximising their safety, as if anything went wrong the liability would fall on myself and the company. I definitely don’t want any lawsuits coming my way.