Million Dollar Paper

I just read an article outlining what a million dollars can buy you in today’s property market, and comparing this across Australia’s capital cities. Hobart, apparently, is still seeing soaring house prices, albeit from a low starting point, while Sydney offers its usual fare of inflated valuations with weekend auction mania only reinforcing that position. At the end of the day, it seems, you’ve just got to accept that property prices are always going to be on the up.

I mean, what do you expect when auctioneers are giving away 8-packs of toilet paper to the first bidder of the day? That’s a thing – seriously, look it up. It’s certainly one way to get the ball rolling, although I have to say that it’s a bit manipulative, what with how desperate people are for loo rolls at the moment. It might seem like a harmless, light-hearted move, but people can be persuaded into things they wouldn’t normally do when the pressure is on. 

Imagine this: you head over to an auction just for interest’s sake, and end up bidding on a whim in hopes of scoring some toilet paper for your family. Next thing you know, you’re sitting down with a conveyancing lawyer, trying to explain to yourself how you got here. It was just an innocent first bid to get things started (and secure yourself those coveted rolls), and not really meant as a serious offer. But with the toilet paper prize off the table, nobody else bothered to bid, and you won the auction.

So it is that you’ve found yourself at your local conveyancing office, Brighton property prices looming over you – really, a new apartment is the last thing you need right now. You’ve got bigger fish to fry, what with this months-long toilet paper shortage and all. And yet here you are, going through the Section 32 of your newly acquired property like a chump. Granted, you got it for a steal because you were the only bidder, but the reserve was high to begin with.