What Bow Rails?

I’m really struggling with this job, to be honest. It’s hard when you get randomly transported into the body of somebody who works in an entirely different field to you. I don’t know what I am doing here. Someone asked if I could “weld some fishing rod holders” to his boat, but I didn’t even know what that was. To use a fishing term, you could say I’m floundering.

I never actually heard back from the owner of this body, despite my plea online. So I figured I’d just try my best to get through a regular day in the life of Master of Welding, Tommy. It’s hard. Really hard. Tommy, I have an appreciation for the world of marine fabrication within Melbourne that I never would have gained without this experience, so take that as a silver lining, I guess.

How do people expect you to know the difference between a snapper rack and… the other thing? There’s just so much involved. For example, earlier today I was speaking to one of Tommy’s regular customers, Jimmy. Jimmy wanted to see how the welding of his bow rails had gone. I took him to what I assumed was his boat, but then he told me that it was not his boat, and those weren’t even bow rails. It was a bait board!

That was super awkward, so I pretended to have a fever and told Jimmy he would have to find the boat on his own. From there, I went back to the shop and frantically tried to find out what a bow rail even looks like. I still haven’t worked it out! 

Once again, Tommy, if you’re out there, please release me from this burden. This is literally my nightmare. So whatever black cat you crossed or genie you took advantage of, please fix the damage done so I can get back to my dog and my video games.

– Tommy (formerly known as Lucian)