What Bow Rails?

I’m really struggling with this job, to be honest. It’s hard when you get randomly transported into the body of somebody who works in an entirely different field to you. I don’t know what I am doing here. Someone asked if I could “weld some fishing rod holders” to his boat, but I didn’t even …

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Pieces of Atlantis

I had a strange dream last night. In it, I was standing on the edge of a cliff, an endless ocean before me. Dark clouds hung overhead, lightning cracking like repeated blows that lit the sky in white. My chest swelled at the beauty, gut sunk at the sheer force of the storms. Then I …

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The Mechanic’s Companion

I kept telling them while they were threatening to lock me up in here: I’m innocent. It’s not even a case of everyone in here saying the same thing, because the inhabitants of this secure facility are out-and-proud evil. They know their actions were utterly immoral, every last one of them, and they can’t wait …

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