Writing About Bathrooms

I’ve spent my whole day thinking about, writing about and talking about bathrooms. So I figured, why not talk about them in my personal blog as well! I don’t even really care about bathrooms. Yes, I appreciate a nicely designed, modern bathroom and I don’t particularly like old bathrooms, but I don’t obsess over them in magazines or anything like so many of my friends do. That’s why I’ve been talking about bathrooms all day.

My friend is reading a bathroom shower design magazine and has asked me to research some shower designs that I like myself. She then asked me to write a rationale as to why I liked each design and asked me to put some genuine effort into it. So, that’s what I did and I’m exhausted now.

On top of all the work my friend got me to do today, I have a quota that I need to meet for myself. Every week I need to write at least three blog posts on my personal blog to remain relevant. I am trying to build a following (as you would all know) and to be able to do that, I need to give my followers regular content to keep them engaged. But I’m really tired today and because my mind is full of bathrooms and the most popular bathroom renovations in Melbourne, that’s all I have the brain power to write about. So, I hope you guys find this engaging in the slightest!

To be honest, even I’m sick of this blog post. It’s not going anywhere and despite all the research and writing I was doing before, I don’t actually have any interesting information to pass on. In fact, all I’m getting when I try and think about what to write is images of bathrooms, taps, shower heads and tiles. I’m not getting any coherent sentences flashing through my mind. I’m done.