Bloom or Bust

I think my housemate might be letting herself get carried away with her enthusiasm for adding new plants to the garden. It’s all well and good for her to be sprucing things up around here; my concern is just that she’s buying new plants at a faster rate than she can look after them. This is taking into account the fact that she only started up on this gardening bender a couple of months ago. In other words, she’s yet to prove her green thumb. 

I’ve always been the type who prefers to do one thing and do it well, ensuring it’s established before moving onto the next thing, so I find it jarring that she’s buying out the local nursery like her life depends on it. Not only that, but she’s buying things I’ve never heard of before, let alone seen in the flesh. For example, she came in yesterday with a whole bunch of grape hyacinth, which she says will sprout bright blue flowers in Spring. 

I know I sound like a real downer, but I’m just being realistic. Besides, it’s not like I’m against the whole gardening frenzy. I actually think the addition of the Mexican orange blossom at the front gate was an inspired move, such that I’m willing to contribute to its upkeep. But bundles of blue-blooming bulbs? Well, time will tell. 

Now, I realise that spring bulbs aren’t that expensive – something like $5-10 a pop, I’m guessing. But we’re talking about someone who begs out of buying toilet paper on a regular basis because she’s ‘waiting for pay to come in’. How does she have $50 to spend on hyacinth bulbs, for crying out loud? All I can say is the next round of dunny rolls is on her. Either that, or she turns out to have an incredible talent for raising bulbs and spreads joy throughout the land equivalent to chipping in for household expenses.