Cannot Stand Sewerage

I have never liked anything that is dirty. I don’t like germs, I don’t like animals and I most definitely do not like disgusting things like sewerage or plumbing. There would be no amount of money in the world that could get me to do any sort of job that involved getting dirty, and seriously I don’t know how tradespeople, especially plumbers, do it. It makes me feel sick to think that people would actually willingly touch that stuff, regardless of whether they’re getting paid insane amounts of money or not. People say that my fear of dirt and getting dirty is irrational. They’ll be saying otherwise when they’ve gotten sick from too many germs.

I can’t even imagine having to get down in the sewers (is that how it works, I don’t even know) and do a sewer replacement. Melbourne sewers would be absolutely disgusting with the amount of people we have living here, I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. It would be an absolute nightmare to be anywhere near something like that. 

The only germy thing I ever touch is my phone, and I make sure to sanitise my hands before and after when I do so. You just can’t be too careful when it comes to germs. One wrong move and you’re sick for weeks. 

Now the reason I’ve brought this up in the first place is because my son-in-law has just started a new career as a plumber, and will be completing his apprenticeship for the next four years. He’s going to be doing everything that makes my stomach feel genuinely ill, and apparently he’s going to enjoy it. He’ll be doing everything from unclogging sinks to drain unblocking. Essendon, where he will be located, will have the cleanest drains in the world thanks to him. I know he’ll do a good job, but seriously, at what cost? Makes me feel sick.