Eight Car Repairs

The last time we spoke, I was either thinking about purchasing a rundown car, or I had just purchased it. I can’t remember the exact timeline because I was so caught up in counting all my dividends and choosing old luxury cars to buy. I chose one (I won’t tell you the make and model for privacy reasons) and I took it to the mechanic straight away. Let’s just say, the mechanic was in awe of the car. 

The first repair I got was a professional brake repair close to Adelaide. I did my research before choosing the mechanic, just like I did my research before buying the old car and buying my shares. I’m a research type of man, and that’s just another reason that I’m so successful. I don’t waste my time working with people who aren’t the best in the business, and the mechanic I chose to restore my car to its former glory is definitely the right person for the job. 

I have had a total of eight repairs done to my car, and it is almost ready to be approved as a roadworthy vehicle. I’ve also had a very successful couple of months on the share market, even by my own standard, and I am ready to purchase another two old cars. I am going to start a collection of old vehicles and then sell the ones I don’t like for fifty times the amount I purchased them for. That’s business, baby. 

I was chatting with my mechanic the other day about my future purchases, and he said that once again he’d be happy to be the head mechanic leading the restoration process. While we were having this extensive conversation, I overheard someone ask for a mechanic to do a logbook service. In the Adelaide area, there are thousands of mechanics who do logbook servicing, but there is only one mechanic who can restore cars as well as mine can. I wonder if he was offended at being asked to do such a minor, uninteresting job.