Road Trip!

I’m going on a road trip! Starting in Toowoomba, I’m going to drive right up to Tropical North Queensland. I’ve taken three weeks off and I’m going to do a road trip with my three best friends. We’re going to take my car because it’s the newest and I’ve just had my most recent logbook service. Close to Toowoomba, mechanics take logbook services really seriously, so all of us will feel safe in my car. I’m also happy to do the bulk of the driving because I love driving, and I’d prefer to drive my car over someone else’s. 

Our first stop will be Rockhampton for a couple of days, then Airlie Beach, then Port Douglas and then we’re going right to the top – Bamaga. I’ve planned what we’re going to do in each location and even scheduled in time to relax to ensure that everyone gets to do what they want to do. I’m a bit of a planner, which can sometimes be my downfall but I figured that scheduling in relaxation time will satisfy everyone’s needs. 

When I got my log book service, I also got a car air conditioning service. In the Toowoomba area, car AC services aren’t included in logbook services because they’re not necessary for overall safety. I had to pay to get my car AC serviced because I didn’t want the four of us to be sweltering in the car for hours at a time. I love my friends but we’re going to be crammed into a relatively small car for long periods of time, and being hot and sweaty together is a recipe for disaster. Plus, with the air-con flowing through our hair we’re going to be able to live out our dream of travelling around the world (also known as Queensland) together and living our best lives. 

It’s time that I start packing. I think I’m only going to pack one pair of shorts so that I have room for twenty pairs of bathers.