Breaking Property Markets

Today we’re launching our brand new news program, delivered to you right here on the Channel 17 blog! I’m Chuck Fiddlesticks reporting to you live with breaking news. We’re just getting reports that Premier Norris has made sweeping changes to certain laws involving the sale of property. Exactly what laws have been altered, we are …

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Why, Though?

Here’s a question. Why do property sales always go through real estate agents? Put that in your hat and sit on it.  This is not meant to be making a point, or some kind of brain teaser. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s actually a perfectly satisfying answer out there; as someone with very limited …

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Tree Will

Everyone wants to live on a property with trees on it, right? Wrong. My brother, Robert, is so opposed to the idea that he’s been known to remove a perfect healthy Japanese maple and an adolescent fig tree, just so he ‘doesn’t have to deal with them’. That was his first order of business upon …

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