Muay Thai Champion

And there we have it, folks. The most anticipated sporting competition in Australia has come to its exciting end. On the last day of Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition, we saw June take out Eugine even faster than he took out his opponent in the first round. It seemed like June really used the two extra rounds she competed in as great practice to come out swinging against Eugine, which she did. What do you think, Nath?

I’d agree with you, Kath. It was a fantastic effort by June to win the entire competition even after she had to put her body through so much at the local Muay Thai boxing gym. Eugine just sat around for a couple of days thinking he would come in and easily take out an exhausted June, but she had much bigger plans than that.

She really did. June reminds me of myself when I was young, now that I’ve seen what she’s capable of. I wasn’t barracking for her at the start, but I sure am glad that she won. I love seeing a strong woman win a competition. It’s inspiring.

You’re so right, Kath. I’m a feminist through and through, so watching June win has really made my day. I’m going to show my daughter June’s competition replays when she’s old enough. I probably shouldn’t show it to her now as I shouldn’t condone violence at such a young age, but as soon as she’s old enough she’s going to hit like a girl!

You should introduce me to your daughter when she’s old enough, Nath. I am about as powerful as women get, having won so many competitions. I’ve won more competitions than June, don’t forget.

Ah yeah, sorry Kath, but I’d probably want my daughter to look up to someone a bit younger than you. You know, someone she can train with and do MMA classes with… not someone who is older than her dad. No offence, Kath.

Ha… why would I be offended, Nath?


No reason.