Plumber Hiring

Okay, so I opted to fire any of my apprentices or plumbers who weren’t happy about me not using a job management tool. I lined them all up in the factory on Friday afternoon and asked them to step forward if they wanted me to start using a professional plumbing job management software. Six of my ten employees stepped forward, and you know what happened to them? They were fired on the spot. They thought that by being in the majority they would have started a collective movement towards the ‘twenty-first century’ as they keep saying, but instead, they got the axe and they won’t be getting a letter of recommendation from me.

The other four who didn’t want me to start using the job management system have all been promoted. They are foremen now and will be getting healthy pay rises. I want people around me who work hard, aren’t reliant on technology and don’t kick up a fuss with their boss, and these blokes are the ones that embody that. They’re also tough and manly, which helps reinforce our company’s image of the strong plumber here to help. 

At the end of next week, I’m going to start the hiring process. I’m going to hire six new plumbers, three of whom are apprentices and three who are fully qualified. Once I’ve done a physical assessment of their capabilities, I’m going to ask them what their thoughts are of plumbers who use job management software for trades and services around Melbourne. If they give me the correct answer they’ll be hired on the spot. If not, they’ll face the same fate as the extremely disappointing employees that I had to let go of.

Doing business the way I’ve always done business is what I need to be successful. I’m sick of people trying to say that I have to ‘adapt’ or I’ll become obsolete. That’s not the truth. These people are just too gullible and believe the lies that are fed to us by big tech companies. No thank you.