Not Enjoying Football

This season of the Australian Football Tournament (AFT) has been atrocious. First, they brought in all these rule changes, then they decided to take six weeks off “just because”. Is this sport being run by monkeys with hammers? No, sorry, that’s an insult to monkeys and hammers. The quality of the sport has literally never been worse.

I actually think it would be better if they replaced the professional athletes with people trained in providing a conveyancing service. St Kilda would definitely perform better if they got rid of all their players. I genuinely believe a conveyancing lawyer would have more skills than these professionally trained athletes. Even if they didn’t have the skill, I’m sure they’d care more about winning than the St Kilda Angels would. And don’t even get me started on good old the Lime Greens. They’ve been the worst of the bunch. For some reason, the AFT has decided to put their games on every Friday night, but it’s hardly watchable. It’s like they want to throw money away.

If you work in conveyancing for Carlton properties and know how to kick a ball more than ten metres in a straight line, then congratulations, we’ve got a new job opportunity for you! You can’t be worse than the literal potatoes they put on the field every Friday night. Heck, I could do a better job, and I broke my legs in a tragic skydiving accident six years ago.

Maybe I should follow a different sport instead. I hear that competitive sandwich eating is going pretty well at the moment. Underwater volleyball is always fun to watch, too. Then there’s professional submarine racing, which my friend thinks is the new Formula 7. There are a lot of other options, but I think I’ll stick with AFT, even though I kind of hate it. Won’t they just cancel the season already so I don’t have to watch it any more? This season doesn’t count anyway, because my least favourite team is probably going to win the big silver cup.