Double Door Luxury

Growing up, my family and I had very little money. We got by on the bare necessities and fortunately always had food on the table, but we definitely weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination. This was fine and it was something we lived with, mostly because we didn’t know any different. The concept of disposable income was foreign to us, and when I was young I didn’t even know that people had money intended just for spending. 

I first realised that we were impoverished when I finished university and landed a well paying job. The job I was offered paid more than both my parents’ wages combined, and all of a sudden I had a massive influx of money that I didn’t know what to do with. I was still living frugally, as that was how I was brought up, but all of a sudden I didn’t need to be.

This realisation was fifteen years ago now, and since then my spending habits have changed. I am currently in the process of a new home build, and the window frame installation is happening tomorrow. Back in the day I never would have even dreamed of owning a home, let alone building one. But I’ve been beyond lucky and now I get to enjoy luxuries that I never would have imagined. 

Growing up, I was always told that double doors were a sign of money. I don’t know if that’s actually true, but we had a single, small door, so it’s certainly possible. For this house, I’ve chosen double doors, as a symbol of my wealth and my new life. It is time to call a door replacement service. Melbourne is a fantastic city and I am lucky to have grown up here, regardless of my family’s financial status. The financial status of my future family will be a lot different, but my children will still learn how to live frugal lives, although we will treat them to a few more luxuries than we had.