Traditional Cross Earrings

I’ve been wearing my “new” (generations old) earrings for a month now. I was instantly captivated by them. I had never seen them in person before, but as soon as I did it was as if something clicked inside me. It felt like I found what has been missing my entire life. I didn’t even know that there was something missing until I felt myself become whole again. It was like this mystical healing happened within myself. I’ll remember that feeling for the rest of my life.

Something is also extremely peculiar about the earrings, which has made me wonder whether my family history may actually be true. But yeah, to my family the earrings are in the shape of a moth. To my friends though, they see nothing but cross earrings. When I told them that the earrings are actually in the shape of a moth, they looked at me like I was absolutely crazy and potentially unable to differentiate one shape from another. I quickly dropped the subject with my friends, but asked a random person in the street what shape my earrings were in. They said that the earrings looked like your stock-standard cross earrings, and they were certain about it. 

I was never told by my family that people who aren’t related to us can’t see the earrings clearly. It was actually a shock to me that they thought I was wearing normal Melbourne made earrings. No one can tell that they’re centuries old, even though they definitely look like it. The whole situation around the earrings is very peculiar. I don’t believe in magic, but maybe I’m wrong not to believe. After one month of being the rightful owner of the earrings, I already feel more empowered, sure of myself and ready to take on the world. 

I wonder if this feeling will get stronger over time. If it does, there really won’t be anything that I can’t do.