Boiling Gas Heating

My wife and I have a pretty different marriage to most other married couples. The reason for this is entirely on her. She’s such an independent person that she never wants to spend any time with me, and that’s hurt our relationship quite a bit. She even turns up the heater to thirty degrees every single day. Thirty-degree gas heating in Sydney… literally no one else I know does that.

The thing is though, it seems like she’s completely happy in our relationship. I’ve told my friends about everything she’s been doing and they have said that they think it means she wants a divorce, but she has never said anything to make me think that. Every day she tells me she loves me and gives me a nice big hug before bed. So why doesn’t she want to spend any time with me? 

I used to try spending time with her but she would just keep turning the heater up higher and higher until it was impossible for me to even be in the same room as her. When I realised that spending time together was a thing of the past, I bought a TV for our other living room and that is how we’ve spent our days ever since. It makes me pretty sad but I love her too much to leave. 

Last month on one of the rare occasions that we spent more than ten minutes together, she told me that she wants to install ducted gas heating. Sydney is a hot place. There’s no way we need ducted heating. It kind of made me feel like maybe she actually does want a divorce. I asked her if she did and she thought I meant that I did, which isn’t the case. But I can’t live in a house where I feel like I’m going to faint every hour or so. Love is hard.