Not Cool, Guys

Seriously? You guys are still sending me threatening messages because of my opinion on the new direction of Sponge Boy, even after I specifically asked you not to? Not cool. This is just like when I said that The Last Space Monk was a good movie. You people really need to stop harassing others just …

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Biggest Tornado

Today I finally get to unleash my experiment. It’s been a long time in the making, and cost me millions of dollars to make. But it will all be worth it to win the world record for the largest artificial tornado. I don’t think there’s any prize money or anything, but my name will be …

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Airy’s Childhood

It’s my third interview with Airy the Air Conditioner, and I’m determined to learn more about its childhood, the earliest days and years of its existence. Last time it avoided the question. Now I’m determined to break through. We sit down at the local dog park, watching puppies playing along the grass. Apparently this is …

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