Becoming Glass Boss

From the moment I embarked on my very first job, I knew deep down that my ultimate goal would be to become my own boss. Owning a business offers a sense of freedom that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Undoubtedly, it requires tremendous effort, but it is a dream worth pursuing. Thankfully, I have achieved significant …

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Double Door Luxury

Growing up, my family and I had very little money. We got by on the bare necessities and fortunately always had food on the table, but we definitely weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination. This was fine and it was something we lived with, mostly because we didn’t know any different. The concept …

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Broken City

I’ve been playing a video game lately that is highly destructive. It’s called Roads of Rouge, an indie game about a city that has come under the rule of a tyrannical mayor. You play as various anti-heroes, completing missions throughout randomly generated sections of the city and destroying everything in your path. It’s a lot …

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